S01E03 – Brave New World

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sh_e03_030 sh_e03_031 sh_e03_029Zoey: Chris! Wake up, Chris!
Chris: What’s up, Zoey?

sh_e03_032Zoey: Mom’s still asleep. Could you make me breakfast?
Chris: Sure thing. We don’t have a lot to choose from though…
Zoey: Just make me something. *giggles* Everything you prepare always tastes delicious!

sh_e03_033Zoey: How was the party yesterday?
Chris: It was okay.
Zoey: You’re lying.
Chris: I’m not lying!

sh_e03_034Zoey: I can always tell when you’re lying, silly! Your eyebrows are all weird when you do. *giggles*
Chris: My eyebrows are not… Oh, fine, fine. There’s no deceiving you! It didn’t go as planned.
Zoey: So mom didn’t manage to get her friends to help us out?
Chris: Nope, kiddo.
Zoey: Too bad. I don’t even mind not having my own room. I just wanted Mr. Pickles back.
Chris: I know, Zoey. But, there’s nothing we can do. Things will work out though, I promise. I’m going to find a part-time job and hopefully mom will find something too.

sh_e03_035Zoey: Thank you, Chris. You’re the best big brother in the world!
Chris: How would you know, I am your only brother! *laughs*
Zoey: I just do. And thanks for coming back, I missed you a lot! Even more than dad, I’m kind of used to him being gone since he was always working…
Chris: I’m not going anywhere anymore, I promise. Now, eat your breakfast! We need to go to school soon.

sh_e03_036 sh_e03_037Michael: Wow! You’re exactly on time.
Sam: I hate it when people are late. So I always try my best to be on time.
Michael: You ready for your first day?
Sam: Not at all. *laughs*

sh_e03_039Michael: You’ll probably need to talk with Headmistress Prescott today. She’s not that bad, but she does ask a lot of questions. She tries to know every single student as it’s a prestigious private school and there’s not a lot of students. But we do score great on national-wide tests and almost all of us attend our college of choice, so that’s something to look forward to.
Sam: You want to attend Académie Le Tour, right? How come?

sh_e03_040Michael: I figured out it was far enough from Sunset City and also, it’s an amazing school. They have a lot of scholarships for their students and the dormitory is amazing. It’s been a dream of mine to go there for a few years now. Headmistress Prescott actually suggested it for me too last year as she said I would probably be Valedictorian and I would have a great shot at a scholarship there.
Sam: You’re such a nerd. *laughs*
Michael: Stop it! I don’t even study that much! *laughs*

sh_e03_041Sam: There was actually something I wanted to ask you, though.
Michael: Shoot, Sam! I’m an open book!
Sam: Is Chris really that bad? I mean, did you hear all that stuff about him being a player, or however you’d want to call it, or?
Michael: Wait… Do you like him?
Sam: I don’t like him, but I do like him. He was very kind to me that night and he took care of me even though he knew virtually nothing about me. I just thought he was a good guy.
Michael: Trust me, everyone knew when Scarlett and him were on a break because he’d proudly show his new girlfriend around the Campus and then a few days later he’d be with Scarlett again. I always felt bad for those naive freshmen girls.

sh_e03_042Michael: I mean, Sam, you’ve seen who he hangs out with. They’re popular and that’s the only thing that matters to them. It’s no wonder he’s in the bottom of our class. Oh, and here we are, this is the bakery I was telling you about. They have the best cupcakes!
Sam: I can’t wait to get some!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Avril Lavigne – Hot

sh_e03_044 sh_e03_045 sh_e03_046 sh_e03_047Jennifer: Heya, sluts!
Scarlett: Hi, Jennifer!
Jennifer: So, what did I hear about some kind of drug accident on Saturday? *laughs*
Scarlett: You already know?

sh_e03_048Jennifer: I know everything. Duh!
Hannah: Scarlett’s annoying cousin came to live with them so we greeted her the right way.
Jennifer: You drugged her?

sh_e03_049Scarlett: It was just a roofie.
Hannah: Yeah, but you should’ve seen her face, though, it was…
Jennifer: *screams* Are you out of your mind?!

sh_e03_050Jennifer: I have enough problems with Headmistress already! I certainly don’t need you two morons making me look bad. I am the queen bee of this school and if any of you wants to take my place next year you better make sure your dumb plans don’t end as this one did!
Hannah: But…

sh_e03_051Jennifer: *screams* SILENCE! What if she talked? To Scarlett’s parents or, even worse, police? What then? You’d both face expulsion for being involved with illegal substances and I, as your cheer captain, mentor and closest friend, would also look bad. Next year, when it’s only your damn social life on the line you can act like retarded hookers as much as you want! But this is my year! Understood?!
Hannah: But I swear…

sh_e03_052Jennifer: *yells* Was I not clear enough?! Seriously, Hannah, your dumb ass might wake up bald just as Regina did two months ago. Remember? I’m not saying I had anything to do with it, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind.

sh_e03_053Scarlett: It’s all clear to us, Jenn. I promise, we won’t do anything without talking with you first.
Jennifer: You better not! Because I have no problem with turning any one of your classmates into my new heir. Nothing’s set in stone yet, b*tches! And it would be a shame to lose it all now, just months before your senior year, after all the years of being my loyal minions. Jade is going to hear about this, Scarlett. I really thought you were smarter, I mean, you are the sister of legendary Jade.
Scarlett: Please, don’t bring my sister into this, Jenn. I’ll do anything. I promise!

sh_e03_054Jennifer: Fine, but you owe me! Gosh, I’m such a good friend.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Bowling for Soup – High School Never Ends

sh_e03_043 sh_e03_055Mrs. Prescott: Well, hello there! You must be Sam. Please, sit down.
Sam: Hi!

sh_e03_056Mrs. Prescott: Welcome to St. Duncan’s High, Sam. Firstly, to be honest, I wasn’t eager on accepting you, especially not in the middle of the semester, but your aunt and uncle were very persuasive. I just wanted you to know that. Because I will be keeping an eye on you. We don’t like people who skip class and spend their days drinking in this High School as you did in your last school. Besides, as you know, drinking is illegal for someone your age.
Sam: I’m so sorry, Mrs. Prescott. I know that my transcripts probably don’t look the best now after…
Mrs. Prescott: After the incident. Yes. They do not. But I was very impressed with them up until that point. You’re not a stupid girl, by no means, but you did end up hanging with the wrong crowd.
Sam: Yeah, exactly! And it’s something I’m very ashamed of. But… I came here because I wanted to go back to my old self. I wanted and still do want to make my parents proud.

sh_e03_057Mrs. Prescott: That’s a very noble thing to say. There’s not a lot of kids here, and most of them are brilliant, dedicated students. I suggest you make friends with some of them, just to keep your bad side in check, and I don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t get along. But I’m still keeping an eye on you, Sam. I’m not letting anyone disgrace this institution.
Sam: I understand completely and I’m going to do just that! Once again, thanks for accepting me. I promise, I won’t get into trouble anymore.
Mrs. Prescott: Excellent. You are excused now.

sh_e03_016Sam: Hi…
Mrs. Hanning:
Did Mrs. Prescott finish with you? *laughs*
Sam: Yeah.
Mrs. Hanning: She wasn’t that bad, right?

sh_e03_017Sam: Not at all. *laughs*
Mrs. Hanning: Then, welcome to the class, Sam! We were just starting our lesson, but I guess we can have a few more minutes to hear something about you. Please, introduce yourself to your new class.

sh_e03_018Sam: Well… To those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Samantha Harris, but most people just call me Sam. I moved to Sunset Hills a few days ago and I’m really excited to explore Sunset City and everything it has to offer. I’m originally from Riverview and it’s a pretty small town, so this is a big change for me. I like writing, reading and listening to music. That’s pretty much it. If anyone wants to know more, shoot! *smiles*
Hannah: How come you’ve decided to move here? *giggles*
Sam: I…
Hannah: Was it because you almost d…

sh_e03_019Mrs. Hanning: *yells* Hannah, that’s enough!

sh_e03_021Mrs. Hanning: Sam, you can take a sit. And thank you, that was a very lovely introduction. Now, let’s start with today’s lesson. You’ll be paired up with the person you’re sitting with…

  • spencer tenesen

    I smell a plan already…I can’t deny that I was overjoyed when Hannah yelled at. I think I’ll love Jennifer from now on. I still have a lot to share about this episode, but sorry I’m just writing while I’m half-asleep, anyway keep up the good work.

    • I love how you hate Hannah! Hahaha! So fun! 😀 Oh, it’s absolutely no problem Spencer, go and get some sleep! 😀 And thanks so much for following this, I’m working hard on Big Brother now and it should be back soon too! 😀

  • Josiah Stuart

    Oh my word, Andrija; Scarlett is a backstabbing b—-. I feel so bad for Sam with everything that has gone on in the past two episodes. Also, why in the heck would someone roofie someone’s drink?!?!?

    • Scarlett definitely doesn’t like not having her way. And Sam has a hard time fitting in because of that. :/
      Seeing as Sam doesn’t want to drink anymore because of what happened, Hannah and Scarlett couldn’t have gotten her drunk (that was their first plan so they could send her to rehab and not have her stay in Scarlett’s home). That’s why Hannah thought it would be fun to drug her and accuse her of being drunk so they could go on with their wish. But Chris saved the day by helping Sam.
      Everything is possible in Sunset City, Josiah! 😉 😛