S01E03 – Brave New World

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sh_e03_022 sh_e03_023Dylan: Hey, man, where are you going? What’s up? We have practice today!

sh_e03_024Chris: I’m sorry, I can’t make it, I have… I have something to do.
Dlyan: What? That sucks, bro, leaving the team like that. We need our captain!
Chris: I’m sure you’ll manage, it’s just a practice.
Dlyan: But, we’re supposed to get drinks afterwards.

sh_e03_025Chris: Dylan, last thing I’m spending my money on will be drinks…
Dylan: Oh come on, man, I know you’re like poor now and what not, but I’ll pay. It’s no problem.
Chris: Look, Dylan, I’m not going to be your charity case. I’m just not. I’m actually leaving because I have an interview for a part-time job.
Dylan: A job? What? *laughs* Don’t be silly.
Chris: I’m not, I really need the money, man.

sh_e03_026Dylan: Look, I know what happened and it sucks, but, like, I’m here! It’s really not a problem. I can pay for you.
Chris: It’s not just drinks and snacks and what not, Dylan. It’s more than that. I need to earn some money to keep Zoey in school. She needs something new almost every week. Art school for kids is not cheap. And what if she gets sick? And what will we eat?
Dylan: Dude, that’s not your problem. Why doesn’t your mom work?
If you seriously think this is not my problem, then you don’t understand how bad it is for us now!
Dylan: Of course I don’t! *yells* Because you didn’t tell me sh*t! I looked like a fool yesterday when your mom went off…

sh_e03_028Chris: I really don’t have time for this, Dylan. I’m late.
Dlyan: Well, f*ck you! Yeah, that’s right, leave! Nice.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Taylor Swift – Haunted

sh_e03_058 sh_e03_059 sh_e03_060Chris: Oh, wow, isn’t this awkward. Hi, Sam! How may I help you.
Sam: Hi… Chris? What are you doing here?
Chris: I’m actually working here now.
Sam: Really?
Chris: Yeah, I know, it’s nothing glamorous but… it’s okay.

sh_e03_061Sam: Oh well… I was actually waiting for Michael. He’s in the bathroom. So I don’t want to order yet…
Chris: Do you mind if I ask you something?
Sam: No…
Chris: I mean, I’m not stupid, but I just don’t get it. So I’m just going to ask you. We really got along that night and now you’re acting really, really strange. Yesterday too. Did I do something wrong? Or?
Sam: No, it’s nothing.

sh_e03_062Chris: So, I’m imagining it?
Sam: Yeah, I guess so.
Chris: I’m not buying it. I mean, if you’re, like, into Michael now or something, just say so and I’ll back off. But don’t make me feel like we didn’t share a moment that night. Because we did.

sh_e03_064Sam: Chris, it’s really nothing. Me and Michael are just friends. You’re imagining it.

sh_e03_063Chris: I would have never guessed that you were a liar. That’s a shame. Oh well, I always knew how to pick them, I guess. I’ll send someone else to help you out, I can’t be bothered now.

sh_e03_065 sh_e03_066Michael: What just happened?
Sam: Nothing. We should just go to another place, if you don’t mind.
Michael: Not at all. Was that Chris?
Sam: Yeah…
Michael: Awkward.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Seether – Like Suicide

sh_e03_067 sh_e03_068 sh_e03_001Matthew: So, you’re telling me I’m just crazy. I’m just imagining it?!
Lydia: Of course! There’s nothing going on!
Matthew: Lydia, we’ve been married for way too long and I know you too well!
Lydia: Matthew, don’t be an ass! I’m telling the truth!
Matthew: Well, yesterday…

sh_e03_002Scarlett: Hi guys! What’s up?
Matthew: Oh, nothing, sweetie.
Scarlett: Are you guys fighting?

sh_e03_003Lydia: No, of course not, honey, it’s nothing. We’re just discussing something business-related. It’s nothing you should worry about.
Matthew: Yeah, just go to your room and change out of your uniform. Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.

sh_e03_004Scarlett: I’m not hungry.
Scarlett, you will be down here in fifteen minutes and we’ll eat like a family.

sh_e03_005Scarlett: Fine.

sh_e03_008 sh_e03_006Scarlett: What the… That can’t be true.

sh_e03_007Sam: Chris?
Chris: I just… Can we just talk? Please?
Sam: What? Why? I thought you said I was a liar.
Chris: I just need someone to talk to for, like, fifteen minutes. That’s all. And for that person to not be Dylan because he just doesn’t get it.

sh_e03_009Sam: Fine, come in, I owe you a favor anyway.

sh_e03_010 sh_e03_011Scarlett: Yeah, exactly! First she steals my pool house, now she steals my boyfriend. That’s just perfect. Venomous b*tch.

sh_e03_013Scarlett: But… You heard what Jenn said today.

sh_e03_012Scarlett: Yeah, to be honest, I don’t care either.

  • spencer tenesen

    I smell a plan already…I can’t deny that I was overjoyed when Hannah yelled at. I think I’ll love Jennifer from now on. I still have a lot to share about this episode, but sorry I’m just writing while I’m half-asleep, anyway keep up the good work.

    • I love how you hate Hannah! Hahaha! So fun! 😀 Oh, it’s absolutely no problem Spencer, go and get some sleep! 😀 And thanks so much for following this, I’m working hard on Big Brother now and it should be back soon too! 😀

  • Josiah Stuart

    Oh my word, Andrija; Scarlett is a backstabbing b—-. I feel so bad for Sam with everything that has gone on in the past two episodes. Also, why in the heck would someone roofie someone’s drink?!?!?

    • Scarlett definitely doesn’t like not having her way. And Sam has a hard time fitting in because of that. :/
      Seeing as Sam doesn’t want to drink anymore because of what happened, Hannah and Scarlett couldn’t have gotten her drunk (that was their first plan so they could send her to rehab and not have her stay in Scarlett’s home). That’s why Hannah thought it would be fun to drug her and accuse her of being drunk so they could go on with their wish. But Chris saved the day by helping Sam.
      Everything is possible in Sunset City, Josiah! 😉 😛