S01E04 – Everybody’s Changing

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sh_e04_00101-05-16_1-05-37 PMMrs. Williams: Good morning, students. As most of you know, my name is Mrs. Williams and I am the school’s librarian. Your task today is to sit in here until 4 p.m. and think about what you’ve done to deserve detention and to think of a way you can improve your behavior in this school.

sh_e04_00201-05-16_1-06-08 PMMrs. Williams: I have some important work to do in my office, so I won’t force you to help me sort books or anything like that, I have them sorted already, as I do like my books to be in order. Always. However, if I hear you in my office, I will have no problem finding something for you to do. So, just stay quiet. Understood?
All: Yes.
Mrs. Williams: Excellent. One, two, three, four… One of you is missing…

sh_e04_00301-05-16_1-07-21 PM sh_e04_00501-05-16_1-08-25 PMDylan: I’m here, I’m here!
Mrs. Williams: Oh, Dylan. Nice of you to come. Take a sit with the rest of your detained schoolmates.
Dylan: Of course, Mrs. Williams. I know the drill.
Mrs. Williams: I know you do.

sh_e04_00601-05-16_1-09-24 PMDylan: What are you guys doing here?
Chris: *whispers* Dylan, we’re supposed to be quiet.

sh_e04_00801-05-16_1-10-58 PMDylan: *laughs* Oh, come on. Mrs. Williams is half-deaf and she spends the whole day watching reruns of Jessica Knight’s Diaries.
Chris: How do you know?
Dylan: I’m Dylan Donovan? So, what did you guys do to be here?

sh_e04_00901-05-16_1-11-36 PMChris: I kind of… Skipped class yesterday.
Dylan: Way to go, brother! Viva la revolución! And what about you, dames? Dylan’s angels is back on track, I see. *laughs*

sh_e04_01001-05-16_1-12-21 PMDylan: Oh, don’t be so PMS, angels. I’m just teasing! I do know why you two are here, what you’ve done yesterday was just pure, flawless bitchiness at its best!

sh_e04_04401-05-16_2-01-17 PMScarlett: I can’t wait to see her face! *laughs*
Hannah: This is the best thing we’ve done. *laughs*

sh_e04_04501-05-16_2-01-39 PMScarlett: You’ve sent it to everyone, right?
Hannah: Yup. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun!

sh_e04_01101-05-16_1-12-59 PMDylan: I loved it! Kudos to both of you! *laughs* But… Why are you here, Sam?

sh_e04_01301-05-16_1-13-59 PMDylan: Quiet, I see. It’s not the best way to go. You see, I’m very imaginative. If you don’t tell me why you’re here, I might need to make up my own reason! *laughs* Did you decide to get payback for all of the social shame these two brought onto you? Or did you…
Chris: Dylan, just leave it!
Dylan: If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you… Oh my, wait, you do like her!

sh_e04_01401-05-16_1-15-49 PMHannah: Well, now he’s poor. I think that they would make a perfect couple!
Chris: Oh, f*ck off, Hannah.

sh_e04_01501-05-16_1-17-39 PMSam: I… I skipped class yesterday too, you happy now? What did you do to get here?!

sh_e04_01601-05-16_1-18-24 PMDylan: I’m Dylan Donovan.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Vertical Horizon – All of You

sh_e04_002160105Chris: Sam, come here.

sh_e04_001160105Mariah: *laughs* Want something to drink? Or snort maybe? *laughs*
Chris: Are you really the one who should be teasing her, Mariah? Grow up.

sh_e04_003160105 sh_e04_004160105Chris: Sam, come on. Just listen to me.
Sam: Chris, you really don’t have to…
Chris: No, I do. Please, just come with me.
Sam: Thank you.

sh_e04_005160105 sh_e04_006160105 sh_e04_007160105Sam: How did they get those pictures?
Chris: I have no idea. I still can’t believe they’ve done something like this.
Sam: So… You’re not disgusted by what you’ve seen?
Chris: Sam, I told you. My mum’s a mess. And she’s a lot older than you. You were just a teen when this happened to you. And losing your parents is a lot worse than losing money. I am disgusted by what they’ve done. Not by you.
Sam: Why did they send it to everybody… People don’t even know me yet, now no one will even talk to me. Besides teasing me of course.

sh_e04_008160105Chris: I’ll talk with you. You’ve really helped me out that night, even though you had no reason to do so…
Sam: But, I didn’t even say that much.
Chris: You listened. That’s all I needed. I don’t know why, but I don’t have a problem opening up to you, Sam.
Sam: Chris…
Chris: You don’t have to say anything, I know you’re still unsure about me.

sh_e04_009160105Sam: I… I’m not. Not anymore. I’m really not. But, you know why I had a hard time trusting you.
Chris: Because of Michael, I get it. I mean, we never got along but… I don’t recall ever being mean to him.
Sam: You hung out with the mean crowd. You’re guilty by association. And what you did with girls was not a plus.
Chris: I was an ass, yeah. A massive one. But I want to change. As things definitely change for you when you’re not rich and popular anymore, and you can finally tell who is your real friend. I lived in a bubble where I was the most important person in the world. But, obviously, I’m not. I’m actually kind of glad all of this is happening… Which is weird.
Sam: I totally understand where you’re coming from now. And I should be the last one to judge as I’m basically doing the same thing. I just want to leave the old me in the past.

sh_e04_011160105Chris: Oh my…
Sam: What?
Chris: It just hit me. I get why Michael never liked me now.
Sam: *laughs* This came out of nowhere. Shoot!
Chris: I just remembered that Scarlett once talked to me about him. Apparently, he had a massive crush on her.
Sam: Michael? What?

sh_e04_010160105Chris: Yeah, they were, like, best friends while growing up or something. And in the middle school he proclaimed his eternal love to her. That’s the day they stopped being best friends. But he didn’t stop calling her and stalking her for months…
Sam: He never mentioned that to me.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Again, Scarlett is being a b*tch (because she is a mean girl). All this drama is making me very happy; and now that I have this and Degrassi: Next Class ( a Canadian drama that airs in both the U.S. and Canada) to fill my time, I will probably not shut up about this episode.

    • Hahahahha 😀 I’m glad it’s making you happy, Josiah, that was my goal after all! 😛 Ooh, I heard of Degrassi, but I never watched it. I think Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries was in it or something? Is it good? I’m always looking for new shows and movies to watch haha! ☺

      • Josiah Stuart

        Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries was in it for a couple seasons. It’s really good, and it premiered it’s 15th season in Canada just 2 days ago; and it will be premiering worldwide on the 15th on Netflix (search Degrassi: Next Class).

        • 15 seasons :O It’s going to me ages to catch up haha! 😀 But seeing as it has so many seasons it must be good! 😀 I’ll definitely give it a go, thanks so much, Josiah!