S01E04 – Everybody’s Changing

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sh_e04_01701-05-16_1-19-56 PMDylan: Let’s do something fun. You’ve all been sitting in here for the past hour just staring at each other, trying to kill the person across you with your mind. It got boring fast and I am now bored.

sh_e04_01801-05-16_1-20-27 PMScarlett: Dylan, just shut it…

sh_e04_01901-05-16_1-21-05 PMDylan: No! I don’t want to shut it. Ever since this girl came in here, our group has been falling apart. Let’s fix that. Maybe she’s not as bad as you think. And maybe we’re not as bad as she thinks. Okay, maybe you’re not as bad. I’m obviously very bad. You might actually need to spank me, Sam.
Hannah: Gross. I’m not hanging out with her. She’s a disgrace, did you see the pics?
Dylan: Oh, Hannah, sweet, sweet Hannah… Do you not recall the numerous times you looked a lot worse? If you need a reminder, I also have a few pictures for you to see.
Chris: *laughs*

sh_e04_02001-05-16_1-22-14 PMDylan: Finally! Someone is having fun. Now, let’s all have fun! It’s not hard.
Scarlett: What do you want us to do?
Dylan: Well, we can’t leave this awful place…
Scarlett: The library…
Dylan: …yes, the library. I get the chills from all the books… Anyway, we can’t leave this place, but we can still have fun. Why not learn something about each other. How about we play truth or dare?

sh_e04_02101-05-16_1-23-39 PMHannah: We’re not twelve, Dylan.
Dylan: My version of truth or dare is definitely PG-13. At least.

sh_e04_02201-05-16_1-24-27 PMScarlett: Fine. Let’s do it. I can’t take your nagging anymore. Let’s start things off with you, Dylan. Truth or dare?
Dylan: I love a woman with attitude! Dare!
Scarlett: I dare you to… knock on Mrs. Williams’ door!

sh_e04_02301-05-16_1-25-26 PM sh_e04_02401-05-16_1-26-37 PM sh_e04_02501-05-16_1-27-53 PMDylan: I told you she was deaf. She didn’t even flinch. Hannah, truth or dare?

sh_e04_02601-05-16_1-28-30 PMHannah: Oh, I’m not pla…
Scarlett: Come on, Hannah. We’re all doing it and so will you!
Hannah: Fine. Dare.

sh_e04_02701-05-16_1-29-20 PMDylan: *laughs* Kiss someone in this room.

sh_e04_02801-05-16_1-30-53 PMHannah: I’m not kissing you, Dylan.
Dylan: Well, I wonder who you’ll kiss then.

sh_e04_02901-05-16_1-35-47 PM sh_e04_03001-05-16_1-36-38 PMScarlett: Yuck.
Hannah: Sorry, but I have standards. A girl is better than a loser like Chris or an ass like Dylan. And I’m definitely not kissing that walking bag of herpes, Sam, either.

sh_e04_03101-05-16_1-37-56 PMDylan: Well, you didn’t mind kissing me last summer, Hannah. Especially not on my boat. Also, if I don’t recall, you always had a crush on Chris.
Hannah: That was when he was somebody.
Dylan: Well, seeing as you’re nobody, that should give you even more chance to be with him.
Hannah: Why are you such an ass, Dylan?!
Dylan: Because I can be. And because it’s fun seeing you butthurt.

sh_e04_03301-05-16_1-40-37 PMSam: Can I go now?
Dylan: Those are not the rules and it’s not really your turn, but… Yes, please!
Sam: Scarlett, why do you hate me?!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Cobra Starship – Good Girls go Bad

sh_e04_012160105Matthew: What’s wrong with you two? I received a phone call from Headmistress Prescott today and she said that you, Scarlett, sent out some disturbing photos of Samantha to everyone in school.
Scarlett: I didn’t send it to everyone, that is a lie. I just sent them to a few of my girlfriends as they were really funny. It wasn’t supposed to end up like it did, dad, I swear.
Matthew: How did you even get those pictures of her?
Scarlett: I talked with some of her old friends from Riverview…
Sam: What?!

sh_e04_013160105Scarlett: Well, I wanted to know who was moving in with us, dad. I did some checking up, that’s all. That’s when I got those pictures of her drinking… and doing some other, quite ungirly like things too.
Sam: *crying*
Matthew: Scarlett, if you don’t stop with this madness, I swear, you will be grounded until leaving for college! Now, I don’t expect from you two to be best friends anymore, you don’t even have to like each other, but the next incident like this one and… There will be massive consequences!
Scarlett: Fine.

sh_e04_014160105Matthew: You will be grounded for two weeks, Scarlett. And I’ve managed to talk Headmistress Prescott into an appropriate punishment. You will be having detention every Saturday this month. From 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. You will be helping out Mrs. Williams in the library.
Scarlett: You can’t do that to me!
Matthew: Oh, I can. And I did.

sh_e04_015160105Matthew: Now, for you, Sam… I know that it’s not the easiest thing to deal with things like this and that people can be hard, especially in high school, but skipping class?!
Sam: I know, and I’m sorry…
Matthew: You should be! Headmistress Prescott was this close to kicking you out. She said that she warned you and that it seemed like you were ready to prove yourself as a decent girl, deserving of education in St. Duncan’s, but you’ve really disappointed her now.
Sam: I… I didn’t mean to…
Matthew: I did manage to convince her to give you another chance. But this is the last one, Sam.
Sam: Thank you so much, uncle Matt!

sh_e04_016160105Matthew: Oh… I almost forgot! You will be joining Scarlett in detention too. Apparently, Mrs. Williams has a lot of books which need sorting out. And just to make sure no more photos leak out, Scarlett, leave your phone on the table. You will be getting it after two weeks.

sh_e04_017160105Scarlett: That’s so uncalled for!
Matthew: So is your behavior. Now, your phone please!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Switchfoot – I Dare You to Move

sh_e04_03301-05-16_1-40-37 PMDylan: Ummm… You should have asked her truth or dare first…
Sam: I know the rules! I just want an answer.

sh_e04_03401-05-16_1-43-48 PMScarlett: You want an answer? How about this… You’re a slimy little piece of nothing who came in here from a redneck town and started taking everything from me. You took my room, my dad and my boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend. You’re slowly destroying everything I care about and I have to destroy you before you manage to do that. How about that for honesty? How about that for truth?

sh_e04_03501-05-16_1-44-33 PMSam: I… I never wanted your room. I’d honestly be fine with sleeping on the couch. Uncle Matt cares about me, yes, but he loves you, Scarlett. You’re just not making it easy for him. And Chris? Chris and I are just friends. That’s it. I just want to live a normal life, but you’ve been trying to sabotage me since the moment I came in here. I’m sorry if you feel that way, but I never wanted you to feel like that. I just want to be left alone.

sh_e04_03601-05-16_1-48-03 PMScarlett: Oh, whatever… I don’t believe a word of it. You know what, since you’ve decided that I should go with the truth, I’m deciding that you will be getting a dare. From me. Kiss Chris! Show us just how friendly you are.

sh_e04_03701-05-16_1-49-09 PMSam: What?! No!
Scarlett: If you’re just friends, a kiss means nothing. If you’re not just friends, we’ll know. Prove to us you’re just friends, Sam.

sh_e04_03801-05-16_1-51-05 PMChris: I don’t want her to kiss me.
Scarlett: Oh, stop it, Chris! Stop protecting her!
Chris: No, I’m protecting myself. I don’t want her to kiss me because she might think of me as just a friend, but… I like you, Sam. And I don’t want our first kiss to be a dare. So, if you ever decide to kiss me back, it will mean something. And if we don’t ever kiss, at least I won’t be living with knowing how it feels to kiss you.

sh_e04_04001-05-16_1-52-43 PMHannah: I’m going to throw up.
Scarlett: I knew it

sh_e04_03901-05-16_1-52-01 PM

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Bryan Greenberg – Lonely World

sh_e04_04101-05-16_1-57-09 PMMichael: So, what happened next?
Sam: Nothing. It just became too awkward and we just sat in there until Mrs. Williams came.
Michael: I still can’t believe you skipped class. And got detention! And had Chris proclaim his… well, whatever that was. And…
Sam: Michael, I know what happened. *laughs* I just told you all that, you don’t need to repeat it for me. *laughs* So, you’re okay with me hanging out with Chris? If he even wants to speak to me after that…
Michael: I didn’t like the guy before, but honestly, you’re a great judge of character. And he seems to be changing. It might be because of his situation at home or because of you, but he is changing. And that’s what matters. So yeah, if you want to, I won’t be mad at you for hanging out with him.

sh_e04_04201-05-16_1-58-01 PMSam: Thanks, Mikey! Do you mind me asking… Is it true?
Michael: Is what true?
Sam: What Chris said. About you and Scarlett?

sh_e04_04301-05-16_1-58-33 PMMichael: Scarlett and I always hung out as kids. Dylan never liked me and I spent most of my days helping mom out, so we were almost like neighbours. And yeah, I liked her. A lot. But she was different then. She was kind. Something happened that summer and she just changed. She became this Scarlett. And I don’t like this Scarlett.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Again, Scarlett is being a b*tch (because she is a mean girl). All this drama is making me very happy; and now that I have this and Degrassi: Next Class ( a Canadian drama that airs in both the U.S. and Canada) to fill my time, I will probably not shut up about this episode.

    • Hahahahha 😀 I’m glad it’s making you happy, Josiah, that was my goal after all! 😛 Ooh, I heard of Degrassi, but I never watched it. I think Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries was in it or something? Is it good? I’m always looking for new shows and movies to watch haha! ☺

      • Josiah Stuart

        Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries was in it for a couple seasons. It’s really good, and it premiered it’s 15th season in Canada just 2 days ago; and it will be premiering worldwide on the 15th on Netflix (search Degrassi: Next Class).

        • 15 seasons :O It’s going to me ages to catch up haha! 😀 But seeing as it has so many seasons it must be good! 😀 I’ll definitely give it a go, thanks so much, Josiah!