S01E05 – Take a Bow

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sh105022 sh105021Sam: Wow, this is huge!
Lydia: Only the best for the best event of the year, Samantha.
Scarlett: It looks amazing. Good job, mum!
Sam: Good job? Did you do this Lydia?
Matthew: Lydia was this year’s planner. She decided on the venue and decorations…
Lydia: …and everything really! I’m always hired for important social events. *laughs* But I’m glad you like it, girls. It is all for you. It’s your big day. Who is your dance partner again, Samantha?

sh105023Sam: Michael.
Lydia: From next door? Maxwell’s stepson?
Sam: His son.
Lydia: Yeah, but he wasn’t from his real marriage so I never really considered him his true son.
Sam: Maxwell considers him his son, so… But yeah, I’m going with him.
Lydia: Oh well. That’s okay, I guess.

sh105024Matthew: Someone’s calling me. I have to take this, girls. Just go in and I’ll catch up with you.
Scarlett: Okay, dad.
Sam: Yeah, that’s fine, uncle Matt!
Lydia: And how are you happy with your date, Scarlett?

sh105025Scarlett: I actually don’t have one. Chris and I were supposed to go together, but we’re not together anymore so…
Lydia: I took care of it sweetie. He did promise to take you to the Cotillion Ball, didn’t he?
Scarlett: Yeah, so?
Lydia: I reminded him of his promise. He’ll be waiting for you there. My little princess will not have her first dance as a young lady with some stranger.

sh105026Sam: Wait, Chris is here?
Lydia: Yes, Samantha. Why?
Sam: Oh, nothing…

sh105027Scarlett: But, mum… I really don’t want to dance with Chris.
Lydia: I know you guys broke up and that his family is going through a lot now… But he is a Cooper. And Coopers are a well-known name in Sunset City. Once it all settles down, he’s going to be a respected young man once again. And it’s going to look really great on your part if people know you stood by his side when he was going through such a hard time.
Scarlett: I really don’t care, mum, we’re not together anymore…
Lydia: You guys break up twice a month, don’t be silly, you’ll be getting back together soon. Don’t ruin this for yourself, Scarlett! I managed to get you an amazing date. Be grateful!
Scarlett: Fine mum…

sh105028Lydia: Besides, he did agree to do this, so he obviously still cares. Right? Tell her, Sam!
Sam: He did agree… Right… Yeah…

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Switchfoot – I Dare You to Move

sh105029Michael: Hey, you ready for your big debut dance?
Sam: Not really. *laughs* I’m not even sure why I agreed to this.
Michael: It’s horrible, I know, but… Let’s just get it over with. *laughs*
Sam: Yeah, let’s! Oh, I have something I need to talk to you about…
Michael: What happened?

sh105030Sam: Chris happened. Or maybe, it’s better if I said Lydia happened.
Michael: What? *laughs*? That makes no sense.
Sam: Well, Lydia asked Chris to come to Cotillion. With Scarlett. And he said yes!
Michael: What?! Why would he do that?
Sam: I really don’t know. But I’m so upset right now!
Michael: I completely get that. I might have been right about him after all then?
Sam: Yeah, I slowly started to think so too, Michael. Damn. Thanks for being here, though. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to handle all of this fake upper-class crap alone. *laughs*

sh105031Michael: I’ll always be here for you, Sam.
Sam: You’re such a great friend!
Michael: Yeah, friend…

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

sh105032Jennifer: Hey, I just noticed you. What’s your name?
Sam: I’m Samantha, hi!
Jennifer: Samantha?
Sam: Samantha Harris.
Jennifer: Well, nice to meet you, Samantha Harris. My name is Jennifer. You’re actually really pretty. And that dress is gorgeous!
Sam: Why, thank you!
Jennifer: You’re going to St. Duncan’s too, right?
Sam: Yeah, I do.

sh105033Jennifer: Come have a lunch with me one day. Actually, let’s make it tomorrow.
Sam: *laughs* What? Why?
Jennifer: You seem like a nice girl and since you’re new here, I’m guessing you’re in need of some friends. *laughs* Trust me, it’ll be fun.
Sam: Well, okay…
Jennifer: I have to go now. Stay gorgeous, Sam!

sh105034 sh105035Phoebe: What’s going on? *laughs* You know that was Scarlett’s loser cousin? Her pictures were all over school last week.

sh105036Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I know. I’m not retarded, Phoebe. That’s exactly why I talked to her. Scarlett hurt my reputation last week when she sent out those photos of Sam. Let’s remind Scarlett I’m not the person she should mess with. *laughs*
Phoebe: I’m liking the sound of that! It’s been a long time since you went to your b*tch mode, Jen. *laughs*

sh105037 sh105038Sam: Nice for letting me know you’re actually coming to this thing, Chris!
Chris: I didn’t know until… fifteen minutes ago, I swear! Lydia came by my house with a tuxedo and an invitation and basically said I had to go or…
Sam: Or?
Chris: She was just… Very persuasive. That’s all.

sh105039Sam: I can’t believe this, Chris. I really trusted you!
Chris: I’m telling you the truth!
Sam: I’m not falling for that line again, Chris!
Chris: I’m not lying, Sam. I’d never lie to you! Besides, you’re here with Michael so…
Sam: Michael is my friend. That’s all.

sh105040Chris: And unfortunately, so am I. I tried… I asked you out at least ten times already, Sam. It’s pretty obvious I like you.
Sam: Yeah, really obvious. Especially since you’re here as your ex-girlfriend’s date.
Chris: Because Lydia made me come here! I swear, I actually think she might have planned this. She’s awful, Sam. She knew how much I liked you but she forced me to come here. And she already brought the tuxedo, it was like she knew I couldn’t say no…

sh105041Sam: Why didn’t you say no?!
Chris: Because… Because she said she would take care of Zoey. She offered to pay for a private boarding school for her. In Bridgeport! It is such an amazing opportunity for her and… I really don’t want her to be near our mum anymore. Mum has started to drink regularly and it’s getting worse and worse, Sam. I just… I couldn’t refuse that. Zoey would be so much better off at a private school where everything is paid for and where she could learn and have fun and be surrounded with best teachers available… *sobs*

sh105044Sam: I’m sorry, Chris. I… I didn’t know. I’m an awful person.
Chris: You’re not. I know how this looked like, but I couldn’t say no to that. I’m doing this for Zoey, that’s it.
Sam: I trust you.sh105045 sh105046 sh105047 sh105048 sh105049

  • spencer tenesen

    I gusse I’m changing my opinion of Scarlett. I mean she seems nice, but thanks to Lydia and that b*tch Hannah she was corrupted! And did Lydia blackmail Chris?! I didn’t know she was that low. Did Chris kiss Sam!? Unbelievable! I don’t want to see him a player so I hope his story is true. Again keep up the great work.

    P.S: sorry for not commenting on the previous episode. It was just my exam period but thankfully it’s over. Also any new regarding Big Brother?

    • Scarlett was definitely a lot different when she was a child, but we all change as we grow… The only question is can she change back? 😛 Yup, Lydia is someone you should look out for! Yup once more, hahahha, yes, we got a first kiss of the series! 😛 3 more episodes and then my focus goes back to Big Brother! 😉

      No need to apologise, Spencer, you’ve been such a massive part of this site with all of your feedback and I’m really happy you’ve stumbled upon it and decided to comment (and still do).

      Same thing is happening to me this month as it’s the end of the semester in Croatia and I’ve got a lot of projects to finish and a lot of finals to take so my main focus was that, of course. In a week or two it should settle down and then I have just one more project to finish for work. Once all that is done I can finally go back to what I love and that is writing and producing shows! ☺☺

      As I just wrote to Josiah as a reply to his question, my best guess is that the premiere would air somewhere near the middle or the end of February. I already have the biggest part of it done (houseguests, house, premiere and a bit of what should happen and when based on that big brother simulator I used for season one too) and I’m so eager to work on BB again but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for it. Hopefully, you guys don’t hate me too much because of this delay hahahah! 😀 😀

      • spencer tenesen

        It’s okay. Take your time and good luck in your exams, and don’t worry I’m waiting patiently for BB and the rest of Sunset Hills. As always keep up the great work.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Oh my gosh, Lydia is a manipulative b*tch. I feel so bad for Scarlett now that we know what she’s been through. Also, do we have any news about BB2?

    • Lydia is definitely someone who likes getting her way. 😛 There’s a lot
      about a few of the characters that we haven’t seen yet, I don’t want any
      of them to be all bad or all good. 😉 It makes it a tad more realistic,
      I hope. :))

      BB2 is on the way, of course, but it’s the end of a
      semester in my college (Croatia) and this month has been pretty hectic
      so I haven’t had the time to do any writing or playing the game (or
      anything else besides study tbh) haha. I even had to take a little break
      with Sunset Hills in the middle of the season as some shows do on real
      TV, as I was sure I wouldn’t be able to meet the schedule.

      best guess is that the premiere would air somewhere near the middle or
      the end of February. It’s definitely hard, since I have first two eps
      already made and house and houseguests are all set for a new season, and
      I am so eager to show you guys everything, but I can’t focus on making
      any more new episodes until my finals are finally over. :(((

  • Sam James

    I’ve been catching up, Abs, and I’ve been enjoying it! 🙂 I’m glad Scarlett and Hannah are getting what’s coming to them but I’ve gotta be honest and say that Jennifer’s a bit of a cartonnish villain.

    Lydia’s such a cool, manipulative character.

    Gonna read the rest of the series now!

    • So glad to hear that! :)) I agree completely, but it’s mostly because there are a lot of other characters who are far more important for now, so she kinda had to be portrayed like that. It did bug me though haha…
      Awww, glad to hear that. It’s so fun to have a well-liked “person” like the host of Big Brother portray such a manipulative character.