S01E06 – Back to Me

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sh01e06001Dylan: Hey…
Chris: Hey, Dylan.
Dylan: What’s been going on with you, dude?
Chris: What do you mean?
Dylan: Well, you’ve been ignoring my calls for a while now, we didn’t hang out since the white party and…

sh01e06003Chris: Well, do you really want to hang out with me?
Dylan: You are my best friend, bro! Of course I do!
Chris: So, you don’t mind everything that happened to my family?
Dylan: I mind the fact you didn’t come to me for help… I mean, we were really close before you went on your trip and before all of that happened, I don’t see why it would change anything between us…

sh01e06002Chris: You guys are partying once or twice a week at least… You’re eating at fancy restaurants and you don’t even care on what you spend your money. I can’t do that anymore, Dylan. I had to get a job just to make sure Zoey and I don’t starve. My mum is a complete mess and…
Dylan: I’ve fixed it.
Chris: What?
Dylan: I missed you a lot, man. I went and talked with your mother since you didn’t want to answer my calls and I gave her enough money to get you out of that motel you’re currently living in. Besides, didn’t Lydia fix the things for Zoey? She’s in boarding school now?
Chris: Yeah, how do you know that?!

sh01e06004Dylan: I know about Lydia and my dad, don’t worry. I was the one who suggested them to help you guys out in the first place. My dad didn’t want to help Corina, as he says she is a pure gold-digger and nothing else, but he likes you. And he likes Zoey…
Chris: Lydia made me think she was doing all of it because she wanted me to keep quiet about their affair! And how do you know about them?!

sh01e06005Dylan: That’s nonsense. As soon as I heard what happened at the white party, I talked with my dad and her and got them to agree to help you guys out. And affair? What affair? Oh, man, you don’t know what’s going on, do you? Come, let’s grab a sit.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Safetysuit – Anywhere But Here

sh01e06008 sh01e06009 sh01e06014 sh01e06006Chris: I heard something today and I don’t know how to tell you this…
Sam: What? *laughs*
Chris: No, I’m serious, Sam… This might be a shock to you, but I think I’m supposed to tell you.
Sam: Well, we are dating now, mister. And I don’t want us to have secrets.
Chris: But… I’m not sure if it’s my place to tell you.
Sam: Chris, you’re scaring me…

sh01e06007Chris: Your aunt and uncle… apparently they’re getting a divorce. They’ve been going through it for a while now and it’s almost finalized.
Sam: What?!
Chris: Yeah, Dylan told me…
Sam: Dylan? That’s bullsh*t. How would he know?
Chris: Well… It seems as though Lydia and Maxwell are dating. They’ve been dating for months.

sh01e06011Sam: Does my uncle know about this?
Chris: I’m not sure. But my guess would be yes.
Sam: But… Why?
Chris: I don’t know. Dylan told me that just today. I had no idea… I guess they haven’t told anyone yet because they don’t know how to tell it to Scarlett.
Sam: Scarlett? It’s not like she’s this fragile thing you need to protect. Yeah, I get it, she’s their daughter but…

sh01e06012Chris: No, you don’t understand. Scarlett’s been struggling with bulimia before. She’s been okay for at least two years now, but they’re worried that if they do it in the wrong moment, she might fall apart again. That’s one of the reasons why it was really hard for me to fully break up with her. I was always afraid for her on some level.
Sam: We’re talking about the same Scarlett?!
Chris: Yeah, she puts up this facade of being a confident person, but she’s just an insecure girl taking out her insecurities on other people. And after a while, all of that turned her into a mean, mean person… And even though I somewhat understand what she went through, I really don’t care anymore. What she did to you, for example, is unforgivable. She drugged you, she sent out old photos of you being drunk and what-not and almost got you expelled…
Sam: I had absolutely no idea…

sh01e06013Chris: Not a lot of people do. But that’s her problem. She was honestly an okay person when I first met her. But Jennifer, Hannah and honestly, her mum too, they all influenced her in some way. And now, she’s just like them. If not worse.

sh01e06018Sam: I… I’m just taken away with all of this. I mean, I’m living with them and I had no idea about any of this…
Chris: Welcome to Sunset Hills, Sam. It’s a place where everyone has a secret and no one is who they appear to be.
Sam: And… Dylan… Aren’t you ignoring him?
Chris: He opened my eyes a bit today. I mean, he’s an ass at times, especially when he wants to be. And he is definitely not the best person in the world. But neither am I. And he is still my friend. He’s shown me that he cares about me, and I need people like that in my life. He actually got his dad to pay for Zoey’s private school and he went behind my back and helped my mum out too but with his money.

sh01e06017Sam: Dylan?!
Chris: Yeah, Dylan. He sacrificed a part of his inheritance and gave it to my mum so we can at least get an apartment or something. I was blow away. I never expected that from him.
Sam: Yeah, me neither.
Chris: I was pissed off because it made me feel a little like a charity case but…
Sam: Don’t! Don’t go there… That was amazing of him and don’t ruin it, Chris. He never saw it like that if he did all that you’ve just told me he did, I’m sure. He just saw you as a friend in need. And seeing as he has literally enough money to live three lives, it was not a big deal for him…
Chris: You sound just like him! *laughs*

sh01e06016Sam: You told him you felt like a charity case?
Chris: Yeah…
Sam: You moron! *laughs*
Chris: Heeeey! *laughs*

sh01e06022Chris: Now I have to go back home and talk with my mum about the money she never mentioned. *laughs* Maybe she wanted to surprise me with a place to live. *laughs*
Sam: Yeah, you go do that. I have to go to lunch with Jennifer…
Chris: Jennifer? As in Jennifer Ferris? Why?
Sam: Well, she ambushed me during Cotillion. I didn’t even know she was one of the mean girls then. But I do now, thanks to you, Chris. I’m just going to go there and let her know I’m not interested in her little games.
Chris: Smart. She’s really manipulative, Sam, so… Take care!
Sam: I will!

sh01e06021 sh01e06020Chris: Bye, beautiful!


  • spencer tenesen

    Who knew Dylan could be nice. I mean I totally didn’t see that! So many secrets were uncovered in this episode. Secrets that will play a large role in the future. So Sam and Chris are officially dating, given that Chris actually changed, this could work out quite well. The end though….was well strange. I mean Michael and Jade – they could have been woohooing, and I hope I’m wrong – …I think that would be really hard on Scarlett…I can already see a broken Scarlett. Man this show is really getting more emotional with every episode. Good luck with your exams and keep up the great work!

    • I do try to make every character feel real and no one is completely evil or good imo in real life… we’re all in the gray area hahaha. :))) So even characters like Dylan who are mostly jerks (or are seen like that by others), have their good qualities (they care about someone at least). This episode definitely had more dialogue but less scenes, and a lot was revealed, but don’t worry, Spencer, we still have 2 more to go so anything can happen! 😛 ☺

      Hahahha, the ending was a little cliffhanger to keep you guessing what actually happened! 😛 I’m really glad you’re still following it, Spencer, and I can see you’re really getting a hang of who’s who and I love it! ^^

      And thank you! They’re going better than expected so I rewarded myself with a little bit of playing the game and I was working on stuff to come today too! Big Brother 2 is finally back in production as I’m almost 100% done with
      Sunset Hills Season One. That’s a bit of good news, hopefully. :))

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a good episode (sorry for the late comment). Also, will we see an LGBT character in a future season?

    • Thanks, Josiah! ☺ And no need to apologise, haha, I’m just glad you’re still following, I don’t mind waiting for comments. 😛

      I really thought about doing that, but there was so much I wanted to do in season one so I just pushed it back a little for a future plot, as I really wanted to do it justice and I don’t think I could have done it properly with everything else that was going on. Who knows, maybe one of the known characters is “in the closet” and is just waiting for their story to be told, or maybe a completely new character will be introduced in future seasons. 😛

      I have a lot of ideas for this show, but my main focus now is back on big brother 2! ☺

  • Sam James

    Great episode! 😀

    I really enjoyed a lot of the revelations in this one. I didn’t for a second think that Matt knew about Lydia and Maxwell, so that was a nice touch. It was also cool to see Dylan act like a decent human being for a change. And wtf? Michael’s sleeping with Scarlett’s sister? Sorry to be slow/forgetful, but has Jade appeared before? I only remember her being mentioned.

    I also really liked this line: Welcome to Sunset Hills, Sam. It’s a place where everyone has a secret and no one is who they appear to be.

    Two more episodes to go! 🙂

    • This episode was definitely fun to write! 😀 I had a lot of ideas for this season and end came rather fast when I think about it haha, so a lot had to happen in every episode, which I hope does more good than bad. ☺
      This was Jade’s first appearance but she was planned to appear somewhere near the end of the season so I always mentioned her before, just to let people know she exists instead of just introducing you out of nowhere.
      I’m so happy to hear your thoughts on the season! ^^