S01E06 – Back to Me

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sh01e06028 sh01e06025Sam: So, you know about them?
Matthew: Yeah…
Sam: Why didn’t you just tell me that you were getting a divorce and that Lydia and Maxwell are… well, whatever they are. *laughs*
Matthew: You girls are precious to me and I didn’t want to do anything which might make you feel sad…

sh01e06026Sam: Well, were you happy with Lydia?
Matthew: For the past few years… No. I can’t say that I was. And that unfortunate. We were in love when we were young. I guess we just grew apart…
Sam: Then I’m fine with your divorce. No, not just fine, I’m actually happy for you. It will give you a chance to be happy again. And that’s all that maters.
Matthew: Thank you so much, Sam. I still can’t get over the fact of how wonderfully you were raised. I doubt that Scarlett would be so accepting, though.

sh01e06030Sam: Uncle Matt… Can I ask you something…
Matthew: Of course.
Sam: Well… Is it true about Scarlett? About her eating disorder?
Matthew: Yeah. She wasn’t really thin when she was little. But I never really thought anything about it. She was always a happy child. Actually, now when I think of it, Lydia and I mostly fought about her and that is the reason we grew apart so much. I always felt as though she put way too much pressure on Scarlett. One day she even asked me if we could get her liposuction. For a twelve year old girl?!

sh01e06029Sam: What?
Matthew: I always thought she was being too hard on her but you can’t really reason with Lydia. She has this picture of a perfect life in her head and she wants it to come true. No matter what. While for me, a perfect life is an imperfect one. Mostly happy, but also sad at times.

sh01e06031Matthew: But seeing as Scarlett did manage to lose a lot of weight, got a number of new friends, became popular and also became a lot better at school… I started to think Lydia was actually onto something and I was wrong. Then her bulimia appeared and I was sure that Scarlett wasn’t as happy as she pretended to be. And even though we managed to beat her problem and she went back to her normal self, I can’t get to her anymore and that hurts… That’s why I thought you being here would be a great idea and a way to help her. But instead, she’s just been getting more mean. I really don’t know why I’m saying all of this to you, Sam, I’m sorry. You’re just a teenage girl and none of this is your problem.
Sam: Well, you always say that I am a part of this family now. And when someone in my family has a problem, I have a problem too. I’ll try with Scarlett again, I promise.

sh01e06032Matthew: Come, give me a hug.

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sh01e06045Chris: You did what?!
Corina: I thought it would be a great idea.
Chris: How is gambling a good idea?!
Corina: I was always great at poker.

sh01e06044Chris: Yeah, when you played with your friends. But playing against strangers in a Casino?! Seriously?
Corina: I don’t understand why you’re so mad. You weren’t mad a while ago when you didn’t even know I got the money.
Chris: *yells* Because I didn’t know you got the money!
Corina: Well, that’s why I didn’t tell you about it when I lost it either. It’s not so hard to grasp, Chris…
Chirs: We could have finally lived decently with that kind of money, mum!

sh01e06046Corina: Oh, come on. I couldn’t even get a nice apartment with that…
Chris: You could have easily gotten a decent enough apartment. And besides, that’s not the point. Even if you could only get a bottle of milk for it, you shouldn’t have gambled the damn money. *yells* But no, you wanted an apartment in the center of the damn city so you thought it would be fun to play with the money you were given by our… no, actually, my friend!
Corina: Chris, stop yelling! I made a mistake. Yeah, I wanted a better apartment, I thought I couldn’t lose since I was amazing at poker and I thought…
Chris: Amazing at poker? I’ve seen you play it three times in my entire life. And you thought?! You’re obviously unable to think, mum! I can’t take this anymore…
Corina: Chris! Don’t talk like that with me! I am still your mother!

sh01e06047Chris: A mother takes care of her children! She doesn’t sit on her ass crying how life is unfair while sipping on a damn bottle of Jack! She goes out and finds a job. And when she gets enough money to buy an apartment she buys one. She doesn’t gamble with the money because she might win and get a better one, a one she really, really wants. That is something a selfish and reckless person does. I’m just… I’m done, mum. I can’t be the parent here. I won’t.

sh01e06048Corina: Chris, come back… *screams* Chris!

sh01e06034Scarlett: I… I’m sorry for calling you. I’m not even sure if this is still your number. I just really need a true friend right now. My parents just told me that they are getting a divorce… *sobs* And I… I… I wanted to call Chris but then I remembered he broke up with me. I wanted to call Hannah, but, to be honest, she was never my friend. And none of the other girls are either now that Jennifer made sure of it. I can’t talk to my dad as he is disappointed in me. I can’t talk with my mum either as I’m an even bigger disappointment to her. I’m not even close to being as brilliant as her favorite daughter, Jade, is.

sh01e06035Scarlett: You were the only one who keeps coming back to my mind lately. I can’t stop watching our old photos and I can’t stop replaying that moment in my head. The one when you told me you liked me. I… liked you too, I really did but… I couldn’t keep disappointing my mum. And I know I wasn’t even close to being a friend to you since that night and I’ve been so mean to you and… You know what, I’m coming to your house. I need to tell you this in person.

sh01e06041 sh01e06040 sh01e06036 sh01e06037Scarlett: Jade? What are you doing here?

sh01e06039Scarlett: Oh…

  • spencer tenesen

    Who knew Dylan could be nice. I mean I totally didn’t see that! So many secrets were uncovered in this episode. Secrets that will play a large role in the future. So Sam and Chris are officially dating, given that Chris actually changed, this could work out quite well. The end though….was well strange. I mean Michael and Jade – they could have been woohooing, and I hope I’m wrong – …I think that would be really hard on Scarlett…I can already see a broken Scarlett. Man this show is really getting more emotional with every episode. Good luck with your exams and keep up the great work!

    • I do try to make every character feel real and no one is completely evil or good imo in real life… we’re all in the gray area hahaha. :))) So even characters like Dylan who are mostly jerks (or are seen like that by others), have their good qualities (they care about someone at least). This episode definitely had more dialogue but less scenes, and a lot was revealed, but don’t worry, Spencer, we still have 2 more to go so anything can happen! πŸ˜› ☺

      Hahahha, the ending was a little cliffhanger to keep you guessing what actually happened! πŸ˜› I’m really glad you’re still following it, Spencer, and I can see you’re really getting a hang of who’s who and I love it! ^^

      And thank you! They’re going better than expected so I rewarded myself with a little bit of playing the game and I was working on stuff to come today too! Big Brother 2 is finally back in production as I’m almost 100% done with
      Sunset Hills Season One. That’s a bit of good news, hopefully. :))

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a good episode (sorry for the late comment). Also, will we see an LGBT character in a future season?

    • Thanks, Josiah! ☺ And no need to apologise, haha, I’m just glad you’re still following, I don’t mind waiting for comments. πŸ˜›

      I really thought about doing that, but there was so much I wanted to do in season one so I just pushed it back a little for a future plot, as I really wanted to do it justice and I don’t think I could have done it properly with everything else that was going on. Who knows, maybe one of the known characters is “in the closet” and is just waiting for their story to be told, or maybe a completely new character will be introduced in future seasons. πŸ˜›

      I have a lot of ideas for this show, but my main focus now is back on big brother 2! ☺

  • Sam James

    Great episode! πŸ˜€

    I really enjoyed a lot of the revelations in this one. I didn’t for a second think that Matt knew about Lydia and Maxwell, so that was a nice touch. It was also cool to see Dylan act like a decent human being for a change. And wtf? Michael’s sleeping with Scarlett’s sister? Sorry to be slow/forgetful, but has Jade appeared before? I only remember her being mentioned.

    I also really liked this line: Welcome to Sunset Hills, Sam. It’s a place where everyone has a secret and no one is who they appear to be.

    Two more episodes to go! πŸ™‚

    • This episode was definitely fun to write! πŸ˜€ I had a lot of ideas for this season and end came rather fast when I think about it haha, so a lot had to happen in every episode, which I hope does more good than bad. ☺
      This was Jade’s first appearance but she was planned to appear somewhere near the end of the season so I always mentioned her before, just to let people know she exists instead of just introducing you out of nowhere.
      I’m so happy to hear your thoughts on the season! ^^