S01E07 – Rowing Song

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♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Elliott Smith – Say Yes

sh01e07001 sh01e07004Chris: So everything’s okay then? You’re having fun? And you’re learning, right?

sh01e07002Chris: I’m so happy to hear that!

sh01e07003Chris: I love you too, Zoey! I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself!

sh01e07005Sam: That sounded good.
Chris: Yeah, she’s great! I’m so happy for her. This was such a great opportunity and even though I miss her a lot, I think this is for better.
Sam: I still can’t believe that you’ve decided to emancipate yourself. That’s such a big step.
Chris: I know, but I just couldn’t handle it anymore. She got the money which could of helped to get us on our feet again and she gambled it… I tried to help her, I really did, but she’s just thinking about herself. She doesn’t know how to be poor. Which is strange because she used to be.

sh01e07007Sam: What? Your mum? Poor?
Chris: Yeah. Her, and Lydia too, used to live in Foundry Cove and my mum used to talk about that place as if it was the worst place in the entire world. She hated being poor and Lydia and her ran away when they were young. Lydia went to school and married Matthew and they built their wealth together while my mum married my dad for money. I mean, I always knew they didn’t really love each other but they were pretty decent parents. So I didn’t mind it… Until now.

sh01e07009Chris: One of them is in the jail and the other one is drinking non-stop. I just want to be on my own. Studying and working in the same time will be hard, but I think I can pull it off. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and Dylan offered to help my out with legal help and he will loan me some money to start off so… Yeah, I’m going to be emancipated. *laughs*
Sam: I’m standing by you one hundred percent, Chris. I think that it will definitely going to be hard, but you have us, the people who really care about you, by your side. We’re your family.
Chris: You really know what to say to a guy, Sam. Thank you, gorgeous.

sh01e07014Sam: No problem, stud! *laughs* Where are you planning on staying while you look for an apartment?
Chris: Hmmm… Dylan did offer for me to stay at his house, but I think he’s already helped me out way too much so I turned him down. I do think that I’ve found a decent apartment and I have to go check it out later today so…
Sam: …So you will be needing your girlfriend to help you out! *laughs*
Chris: Girlfriend?
Sam: Oh… I mean…

sh01e07011 sh01e07012Chris: I don’t mind, silly! I would love to call you my girlfriend!
Sam: Phew! *laughs*
Chris: And yeah, I would also love it if you could help me out! You have a great taste!
Sam: *laughs* I do not! I mean, just look at my boyfriend!
Chris: Aren’t you cheeky! *laughs*

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Dido – Life for Rent

sh01e07015 sh01e07016 Michael: Hey…
Scarlett: What are you doing here? *yells* GET OUT!
Michael: I’ve been calling you for…
Scarlett: I really don’t care, so…

sh01e07017Michael: Scarlett, come on, don’t be like that, I got your message…
Scarlett: What message?
Michael: The one you left on my phone before you came over?
Scarlett: Oh, that wasn’t supposed to be for you. Now, leave! Please.
Michael: It wasn’t for me? Come on, don’t lie, Scarlett, I am so incredibly sorry about last night but…

sh01e07018Scarlett: *screams* ARE YOU DEAF?! Leave me alone, you weirdo!
Michael: Scarlett…
Scarlett: *screams* DAAAAAD!
Michael: Fine… I’m leaving.

sh01e07019 sh01e07020Sam: So, do you need any help from me?
Matthew: No, sweetie. Lydia is probably moving in with Maxwell and we’ll share everything evenly so there shouldn’t be too many problems. However, we still don’t know about Scarlett…
Sam: Where she’ll stay? Or?
Matthew: Yeah, she didn’t really take it well. Could you maybe talk with her? I just don’t know how to reach her lately.

sh01e07021Sam: Of course… Can I ask for a little favor though?
Matthew: Sure, what’s up?
Sam: Well, Chris is going through a lot, as you already know. And I helped him search for an apartment today, but the place was horrid. Yeah, it was cheap but for that kind of an awful place, even that was too much money. So, could Chris possibly stay here for a few days? Only until we manage to find him a decent apartment. I know it’s not the best time, but he’s…

sh01e07022Matthew: Of course he can. But he will be sleeping in the guest room! I don’t want any shenanigans under my roof! *laughs*
Sam: *laughs* That’s perfectly fine. Thanks so much, uncle Matt!
Matthew: No problem at all!

sh01e07023Sam: Michael?
Michael: Hey Sam…

sh01e07024Sam: What were you doing here?
Michael: Nothing, I’m leaving…

sh01e07025Sam: Well, this was weird.
Matthew: He came here few minutes ago. He wanted to talk with Scarlett.
Sam: Michael? But why?

sh01e07026Hannah: So Jade is sleeping with Michael? Jade Harris? The most famous girl who ever went to St. Duncan’s High?
Dylan: Yeah. *laughs* She been coming here every month for a year or so… Then the next day she goes to her house and says she came home to visit. It’s strange, I don’t know what she sees in that piece of sh*t but…
Hannah: You mean your brother?
Dylan: *yells* He’s not my brother!

sh01e07027Hannah: Interesting… I mean, Jenn always talks about Jade as she was this perfect person. Her slumming like that is definitely unexpected.
Dylan: Well, I see nothing wrong with a little bit of casual sex…
Hannah: You mean, somewhat like what we’re doing?
Dylan: Yeah, just like that. But in this case, I’m Jade and you’re Michael.

sh01e07028Hannah: B*tch, call me Michael one more time and you won’t be seeing these puppies anymore!
Dylan: *laughs* Fine, fine. It was just a joke, chill…
Hannah: Is it a one time thing or do they do it more than once while she stays here?
Dylan: It’s not like I’m counting, but I’d say that she most likely comes over at least three or four times during her weeklong stay.

sh01e07029Hannah: Oh, that gives me an amazing idea…

  • spencer tenesen

    Seems like season1 is going to a killer! Poor Scarlett all that is just too much, I never thought I would say this but I’m really concerned about Scarlett, I mean the more I watch the more I see how misunderstood she is. Hannah….can’t she just go away! I feel that she will tell Jennifer about Michael and Jade sleeping together and that would destroy Scarlett’s social status and her mentality. I hope Sam would be able to save Scarlett from both Jade and that b*tch Hannah. Great job with this episode as always keep up the great work.

    • Thank you so much, Spencer! 😀 Sorry for a late reply, I’ve barely got any sleep this week ahahahah! 😀 Oh, how the opinion has changed haha, love it! 😀 I’m really happy to see you excited about the finale, I’m pretty surprised at how much story I could tell with just 8 episodes. :)) It’s definitely been fun doing something different, but I can’t wait to go back to BB! 😀

      Hopefully, next week’s episode will resolve everything that’s been going on this season! 😉

      • spencer tenesen

        no problem. Go and get some sleep.

  • Sam James

    Great episode! 😀 This definitely sets things up nicely for the finale. I have to say, it took me a while to get into this as it’s not really my type of show, but it’s getting stronger and stronger and we’re seeing lots of depth to the characters.

    And I know this isn’t the type of show that deals with death, but if somebody could murder Hannah, I’d sure appreciate it.

    • So happy to hear that, Sam! 😀 I definitely tried to put bits of my own “style” into this to get rid of some stereotypes teen dramas have around them and I’m very happy you’re appreciating those. Character development is definitely a must for me!

      HAHAHHAHAHA, those are the one-liners I always look forward to from you! ☺☺