S01E07 – Rowing Song

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sh01e07033Lydia: I think you might like it more at Maxwell’s house, darling. Dylan is a good friend of yours and…
Scarlett: Dylan is not a good friend of mine. We just used to hang out. But seeing as the girls are ignoring me now, it might be better if I stay in here with my loser cousin.
Matthew: Scarlett!
Scarlett: I know, I know.

sh01e07034Matthew: Good. Don’t let it happen again. Now, back to decision making, it’s definitely not a problem either way, pumpkin. We are neighbors so wherever you decide to stay, we’ll see each other daily.
Lydia: Exactly. And your father and I are splitting up on good terms, so…
Matthew: …So, you’re not forced to choose or anything like that.
Lydia: Maxwell is already preparing a room for you, and you can even stay here a few days then at our place the next few days. Whatever you want, sweetie.

sh01e07035Scarlett: I mean… Yeah, that sounds okay. Can I go now?
Matthew: Pumpkin, are you okay?
Scarlett: Yeah, yeah, I’m just tired.
Matthew: Then you can go, yes.

sh01e07036Scarlett: Perfect.

sh01e07037Jade: Scarlett’s not joining us?
Matthew: She’s been feeling tired so we thought it would be best if she slept for a while. You girls can catch up tomorrow anyway.
Jade: Oh, okay. I’m just missing my little sis. So, anyway, how are you liking Sunset Hills, Sam?
Sam: Oh, it’s great.

sh01e07038Jade: I heard you stole my sister’s boyfriend. *laughs*
Sam: I… I…
Jade: Oh, you’re such a cutie, I was just joking. They were never meant for each other. Anyone else you’ve grown to like?
Sam: I’ve become good friends with Michael, the neighbour.
Jade: Michael? Hmm… Oh, yeah, I remember him. Dark hair, skinny?

sh01e07039Sam: Yeah. That’s him.
Jade: He’s a bit nerdy for my liking, but I remember him. He used to hang out with Scarlett, right mum?
Lydia: Yes, he did.
Matthew: Well, he did come to visit her today, so I’m guessing they’re still hanging out.
Jade and Lydia: He did what?!

sh01e07040Matthew: *laughs* Aren’t you two synchronized! *laughs*

sh01e07041Sam: Hey, Jade. You seem really nice and I wanted to talk with you about something…
Jade: What?
Sam: Well, Scarlett seems to be going through a lot and…
Jade: Oh, she’s always been such a loser. Just let her deal with it herself.

sh01e07042Sam: But, you know about her problems, right? What if she starts throwing up again? I don’t think she’d open up to me, but you’re her sister and…
Jade: Yeah, I’m her sister. Unfortunately.
Sam: That’s… rude.
Jade: People are sometimes rude. Deal with it. I’m not helping her, I have way too much important stuff to do. Bye!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Patty Griffin – Rowing Song

sh01e07049Sam: Please, Mikey, help me out.
Michael: What’s up, Sam?
Sam: Well, first of all, you just stormed out of the house today so I was wondering…
Michael: I… I’d rather not talk about it, please.

sh01e07050Sam: Oh, okay. Well, Scarlett’s been…
Michael: *yells* You know what, no. I’m not helping you out.

sh01e07051Sam: Michael, what’s going on?
Michael: What’s going on? We’ve become best friends… and you… you just left me alone that night?
Sam: You’re talking about cotillion?
Michael: Yeah. Just so you could be with that moron! I only went there because of you…
Sam: But, I thought you said you didn’t mind me hanging out with Chris?
Michael: *yells* I don’t!

sh01e07052Sam: Well, clearly, you do.
Michael: I… I like you, Sam. I really do.
Sam: Oh…

sh01e07055Michael: I mean, I know we’re just friends but… I always thought we could be more and… and… and it hurts to see you with him.

sh01e07057Sam: I never knew you felt like that, Mikey. I’m so sorry.
Michael: Nah, it’s fine. I mean, I get it…
Sam: And I’m really sorry that I left that night so suddenly. I fought with Chris and then we just ended up kissing and…
Michael: I’d rather not hear about that, Sam…
Sam: Oh, yeah, sorry…

sh01e07058Michael: So, what is it about Scarlett?
Sam: I’m just worried about her. She’s been taking everything that happened lately pretty badly. She’s always in her room, I noticed her skip school… She’s not eating…
Michael: She called me last night. She said she missed me and that she really needs me and…
Sam: Really? Why didn’t you tell me that sooner? That’s great, that means that you might be able to help her out!
Michael: Well, not really…

sh01e07059Sam: Why not? I mean, I know you dislike her but… She’s in a really bad place. I mean, I almost want to say that she deserves all that’s been going on, but… She really doesn’t. No one does. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Michael: It’s not that. I mean, she really sounded like old Scarlett yesterday and I wanted to help her, but today she didn’t really want to see me and I can’t blame her.
Sam: Why?

sh01e07060Sam: Michael, what’s going on?
Michael: She came over and saw me… with… Jade.

sh01e07061Sam: WHAT?!
Michael: I mean, I know it sounds bad but…
Sam: A moment ago you said you liked me? And now you’re making out with Jade?! Why? And how?
Michael: It was more than making out, Sam… I mean, it’s been going on for a while now.

sh01e07062Sam: Wait what?! Are you serious?
Michael: I know it’s awful, but… Jade always reminded me of Scarlett. And when Scarlett forbid me to talk to her again I was in a really bad place and Jade started hanging out with me. Then one time when Jade came back from college it just happened. And it’s been going on since. I mean, I don’t even like her if I’m honest. I didn’t have anybody to talk to, Sam, and…

sh01e07053Sam: But… I talked with Jade today… She’s a total b*tch! She’s freakin’ worse than Hannah and Scarlett and Jennifer combined! You should have seen how fake she was during dinner and than moments later, when her parents weren’t around she went into b*tch mode. I thought that you would have better taste, Michael. That’s just wrong.
Michael: I know and… I’m so, so sorry Scarlett saw us.

sh01e07063Sam: I… I think I have to go, Michael.
Michael: Sam, wait, I can explain.
Sam: We’ll talk later.

sh01e07043Sam: Can I come in?
Scarlett: Gosh, what do you want?

sh01e07044Sam: I just wanted someone to talk to. I mean, I know we don’t really see eye to eye but…
Scarlett: Honestly? I really can’t be bothered. I don’t like you and I don’t want to pretend that I do. Why don’t you talk with my dad, he seems to like you a lot more than he does me.
Sam: Oh, come on, Scarlett, you can’t possibly think that. You’re his daughter!
Scarlett: Right? It sucks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. He’s been spending a lot more time with you than me. But that’s okay, a lot of people tend to do that now. My dad, Chris…

sh01e07045Sam: …and Michael?
Scarlett: What are going on about?
Sam: Scarlett, I know about you guys, and…

sh01e07046Scarlett: *screams* GO OUT! OUT NOW!
Sam: Scarlett, please, I…

sh01e07047Scarlett: *sobs* Please, just leave me alone…

sh01e07048Sam: I don’t want to leave you alone.

sh01e07030Hannah: Hey.

sh01e07031Hannah: Yeah, I know you said not to contact you ever again, but I have some important information you will definitely want to hear about.

sh01e07032Hannah: I also have a little video to show you… *laughs*

  • spencer tenesen

    Seems like season1 is going to a killer! Poor Scarlett all that is just too much, I never thought I would say this but I’m really concerned about Scarlett, I mean the more I watch the more I see how misunderstood she is. Hannah….can’t she just go away! I feel that she will tell Jennifer about Michael and Jade sleeping together and that would destroy Scarlett’s social status and her mentality. I hope Sam would be able to save Scarlett from both Jade and that b*tch Hannah. Great job with this episode as always keep up the great work.

    • Thank you so much, Spencer! 😀 Sorry for a late reply, I’ve barely got any sleep this week ahahahah! 😀 Oh, how the opinion has changed haha, love it! 😀 I’m really happy to see you excited about the finale, I’m pretty surprised at how much story I could tell with just 8 episodes. :)) It’s definitely been fun doing something different, but I can’t wait to go back to BB! 😀

      Hopefully, next week’s episode will resolve everything that’s been going on this season! 😉

      • spencer tenesen

        no problem. Go and get some sleep.

  • Sam James

    Great episode! 😀 This definitely sets things up nicely for the finale. I have to say, it took me a while to get into this as it’s not really my type of show, but it’s getting stronger and stronger and we’re seeing lots of depth to the characters.

    And I know this isn’t the type of show that deals with death, but if somebody could murder Hannah, I’d sure appreciate it.

    • So happy to hear that, Sam! 😀 I definitely tried to put bits of my own “style” into this to get rid of some stereotypes teen dramas have around them and I’m very happy you’re appreciating those. Character development is definitely a must for me!

      HAHAHHAHAHA, those are the one-liners I always look forward to from you! ☺☺