S01E08 – The End is Where I Begin

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Taylor Swift – Tied Together With a Smile

sh_s1e801 sh_s1e802 sh_s1e803Scarlett: It’s so sunny today…
Sam: It’s always sunny in here. You should be used to it, Scarlett! You’ve lived here for a lot longer. *laughs* This is the sunniest part of the country after all.
Scarlett: I know, but today feels even sunnier… Anyway, you ready?
Sam: I am, but are you? *laughs* That’s a better question…
Scarlett: Yeah, completely!
Sam: You sure? Last week’s been pretty tough.

sh_s1e804Scarlett: I’ve been taking my fluoxetine pills and I’ve also been talking with Mrs. Simmons almost every day. We’re taking it slow but I really don’t think I should be staying out of school for a lot longer. I’ve been through this before, Sam, and last time I didn’t have you to help me out.
Sam: Then I agree! It’s going to be hard at school today, I’m sure, but I’ll be there right beside you. If those dumb girls just try to do anything…
Scarlett: I don’t need you to fight that fight for me, Sam. You’ve done more than enough.

sh_s1e805Sam: Oh, I’ve done nothing. I just listened.
Scarlett: Don’t… You were the only one who didn’t give up on me that night, no matter how hard I tried to make you leave. You saw that I wasn’t okay and it didn’t matter to you that we weren’t friends or anything really, you just didn’t let me push you away. I was in a really bad place and I just needed someone to help me pull through even though I couldn’t admit it then. Who would have guessed you would be the one to do it, though… *laughs*

sh_s1e806Sam: It’s all behind us now, Scarlett. I understand you a lot more now, especially since you really, really opened up to me that night and I can’t really hold any of your old behavior against you. Everyone deserves a second chance. I would probably be somewhere in a ditch now if grandma didn’t do the similar thing for me. She helped me out so much when she organized for me to live here with you guys. I became a new person in this city.

sh_s1e808Scarlett: Thank you, Sam! I’m really glad we’re okay now. *sniffles*
Sam: We’re more than okay, Scarlett.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: The Dandy Warhols – We Used to be Friends

sh_s1e810 sh_s1e809Students: *whispering*

sh_s1e811 sh_s1e812Sam: You okay?
Scarlett: I’m fine, Sam. I used to rule this school, there was always someone talking behind my back. Are you okay?
Sam: Why wouldn’t I be?
Scarlett: Because of Michael? You guys are still ignoring each other, I see?
Sam: It’s… complicated.
Scarlett: It’s really not. You just have to…

sh_s1e813Jennifer: Oh, look who we have here. I heard you died.

sh_s1e814Scarlett: Interrupting is rude, Jennifer. And nope, I’m still alive.
Jennifer: Unfortunately.
Scarlett: The only unfortunate thing in here, Jennifer, is that hilariously awful nose job. If that accident can even be called a nose job. I always wondered how much they charged you for it.

sh_s1e815Jennifer: I never had a…
Scarlett: Oh come on, you’re going to pull that one on me? A little respect, please. Everybody knows, or at least suspects about your nose job. *laughs* We’ve been so-called friends for way too long, Jennifer. And honestly, since I don’t care about your opinion anymore and you can’t scare me, I don’t have to worry about hurting your feelings.
Jennifer: Well, fine. If you want to know, it was done by the best surgeon in the country. So, there you have it.
Scarlett: I would’ve sued him. But then again, maybe you wanted to go for that clownish look. Anyway, I really shouldn’t and don’t care. Move, I have to get to class.

sh_s1e816 sh_s1e817Sam: Daaamn. What was that?! *laughs*
Scarlett: I still have a lot of b*tch left in me, Sam. I’m just going to be a b*tch to the people who deserve it from now on. And I’ve told you, you can leave the mean girls to me. I know how to fight those fights. *laughs*
Sam: I’m just happy you didn’t get slapped. *laughs*
Scarlett: I was walking on a thin line, weren’t I?
Sam: Definitely! *laughs* She was as red as you can get.

sh_s1e818Scarlett: Excellent. *laughs*

sh_s1e819Jennifer: I know I told you to f*ck off last week, but meet me after school tonight. I’m only giving you one more shot because I want her ruined, Hannah. *yells* I want her ruined and you better have something worthy for me!

sh_s1e820 sh_s1e821Dylan: You, gorgeous ladies, owe me sooo much! *laughs*
Scarlett: What are you going on about, nitwit?
Dylan: Oh, a nitwit? You wouldn’t talk like that to me if you know what I just did!
Scarlett: Fine, spill.

sh_s1e822Dylan: Well, Hannah somehow managed to tape your sister and that moron who lives in my house having sex last week…
Sam: Wait what?!
Dylan: Wait, that’s not all. She edited the video with pictures of Scarlett and him when they were kids and she also put pictures of Chris and Scarlett in there and pictures of Sam and Chris too… Basically it was a slideshow video with bits of that sex tape included. And it was all made as something which was supposed to show how every guy Scarlett likes ends up falling for someone else or something…

sh_s1e826Scarlett: I don’t understand…
Dylan: Jennifer called Hannah today and told her to give her the thing she has on you. Hannah made the video a while ago but Jennifer didn’t want to talk to her then. Anyway, I didn’t want to do anything about it then since Hannah wouldn’t release it without Jenn’s consent. However, she was all hyped up about it today after our quickie during the lunch break and told me how Jenn called her and how she hopes the video will ruin Scarlett and get her on Jenn’s good side again.
Sam: What an awful thing to do!? And why put Jade and Michael’s video in there?
Dylan: Well, Jade was like the most popular girl in here when we were freshmen. She basically made Jennifer. This way Jennifer would both ruin Jade’s legacy and Scarlett too. Or so she thought…

sh_s1e827Dylan: I did manage to steal her phone and delete the video from the phone and also from her cloud storage, though. *laughs*
Scarlett: Oh my god, really?!
Sam: Seriously?
Dylan: Yeah, of course, my little angels! I know, I know… I’m the best. It has Chris in there too and anything that might hurt Chris, or his girl or girls or whatever the deal with you guys is now, is not something I want to see. Even if it means I have to break things off with my sex muse and betray her like this.

sh_s1e825Sam: Okay you just went back from savior Dylan to disgusting Dylan.
Dylan: Say what you want, but you girls love me and you know it! *laughs*
Scarlett: Thank you, Dylan! How can we ever pay you back for this?
Dylan: Well, I am looking for a new sex muse…
Sam and Scarlett: Forget it! *laughs*
Dylan: I had to give it a shot! *laughs* You can treat me to a bottle of Jack on Saturday and we’re even. Deal?
Scarlett: Deal!

sh_s1e828Dylan: I just wish I could see Hannah’s face when she shows up without a phone and Jenn loses it! *laughs*

  • Josiah Stuart

    What the?!? Those conniving b*tches from the previous episodes are idiots! Also, how in the heck did Sam’s boyfriend get to Sunset Hills? Also, now that this has ended; I am excited for BB2!

    • Hahahaha! Love your comment, Josiah! Just the reaction I wanted haha! 😀
      Yup, a lot was turned upside-down in the last episode of the season! 😉 Enemies became friends, friends became enemies, some characters left (or did they) and some new ones are introduced haha! 😀 I’m really glad you’ve followed the series and I can’t wait to start with BB2 again! 😀 Just one more exam tomorrow and I should be done with college stuff for a while then! 😀

  • Ben

    What a good series!! I would love to see a series 2 to find out what happens with al the cliff hangers! Can’t wait now for BB2 #teamdane

    • Hahaha, thank you so much, Ben! There are a few of those, aren’t there! 😛 But I had to put them in to keep things exciting for a very possible season two. Even though that’s definitely not a priority now, especially not as much as BB2 is! 😉 Just a little bit more and the Premiere will be here, I’m working hard on it! 😀 Thanks once again for commenting, I’m really glad you’ve liked the episode/season! 😀

  • spencer tenesen

    Wow! Just as I expected……Well not really, but I was sure it will be epic. It’s great to see Sam and Scarlett getting along well. I know Lydia would turn out to be a dirty gold digger, and she even tried to mold her own daughter into that image! I’d really like to see Scarlett and Michael start a relationship because well they’re made for each other! I feel David will a problem for Sam. Great season, already hyped for season 2, and more hyped for BB2.

    P.S: good luck with your exams. I know school work can be very annoying sometimes, I mean I already have a lot of things to study and it’s only day 4! Anyway keep up the great work!

    • Epic? Wow!!! :3 Thank you so, so much for that compliment! 😀 Opinion on Scarlett has definitely changed throughout the season, didn’t it? :)))
      Awww, I’m so happy to hear that you’d like to see them together. It’s nice to see you wanting some characters to be together while hating on others haha (Lydia). And David… oh, I won’t reveal anything about him! 😛 😛
      Thanks Spencer, I’m really happy about how this season turned out to be and I’m extremely happy about all of the feedback you’ve left me, as I’m sure you’re already aware haha, but I have to say thanks once again! ☺

      And thanks about that too, one more left for tomorrow and I should be done! 😀 Can’t believe it’s finally over hahah! 😀 A lot of sleepless nights are behind me! 😛 Already? Damn, then I send some luck back to you, you’re in need of it too, obviously! 😀

      • spencer tenesen

        Some Opinions changed and some didn’t, and Hannah hate still remains. Thank you so much I’m sure I’d need that, and I’m really happy that you’re done congrats.☺?

      • Molly

        Omg, I love this show because I’m like, a vive tan of gossip girl!!!
        Can’t wait to see next season!!!!!
        I would love that you dress up Scarlett a bit more like Blair Waldorf, I just love her style!!!

  • Sam James

    I’m not sure what to make of this episode, if I’m honest. I’m glad Scarlett and Sam are getting along now and I enjoyed seeing Scarlett standing up to Lydia, but I feel less enthusiastic about the other stuff that went down. Dylan being sent to military school and Sam’s ex-boyfriend turning up seemed a bit rushed and I didn’t really know what to make of it all. Also, Maxwell’s dialogue is a bit ridiculous in places.

    With that being said, this series has been awesome and I’ve enjoyed it! 🙂 Looking forward to whenever season two comes around!

    • I wanted to wrap some things up which were supposed to stay in season one and also open it up for a new season and end it with a “few” cliffhangers (what happens to Dylan, what happens to Sam and Michael’s friendship and what does David want…) but maybe I went a little overboard with it? That was definitely the feedback I needed since it’s something I can use to improve the next season, so thank you massively for an honest comment, Sam! ^^ ☺
      I’m really happy about all the feedback I got, you know I respect your opinion a lot since you’re doing similar things too! :)))