S01E08 – The End is Where I Begin

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes
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sh_s1e829 sh_s1e830Lydia: Well, we gathered all of you here, our dear guests, since…
Maxwell: You all know that Matthew and Lydia’s divorce is almost finalized and…
Lydia: We wanted to wait but my daughter, Jade, is leaving for college tonight and we couldn’t do this without her here… So, to cut the long story short, Maxwell and I will be getting married!

sh_s1e831Scarlett: Seriously? Already?
Lydia: Honey, I know it must seem sudden to you, but Max and I have been together for a while now, even if you didn’t know about it, and we do love each other.
Scarlett: It looks like you love his money and not him, mum.

sh_s1e832Lydia: Scarlett?! How dare you?!
Scarlett: Well, I’m sorry, but he obviously doesn’t have a lot of time left and it’s better to put a ring on it as fast as you can, right? Money is everything, happiness comes afterwards. That’s like your motto.
Lydia: *yells* Scarlett, that’s not the case at all! I can’t believe you’d say something like that, what’s gotten into you?

sh_s1e833Scarlett: Nothing, I just realized how everything I did in the last few years was for you and you… You honestly don’t deserve any of it! I’m very unhappy, mum. With my life, with my decisions and with everything basically. But I wasn’t always like this. And it never went away because I didn’t want to admit that all of it was because of the pressure you put on me. Mrs. Simmons and I are finally openly talking about everything and I feel so free now. She helped me realize what my problems were and honestly, most of them are here because of you!

sh_s1e834Lydia: Well, maybe, we should be looking into another psychiatrist for you then…
Scarlett: You’re not listening, are you? Well, you never listened to my problems anyway. I’m just going to go now. I hope you have a lovely wedding but I won’t be attending, I’m already letting you know that. And I’m really not sure that I will be spending a few nights a week in here with you either. At least not until I’m sure I feel well enough for it, mum.
Lydia: You can’t do that, Scarlett, you’re my daughter too, not just your dad’s!
Scarlett: Well, maybe you should’ve acted like a mother then.

sh_s1e835Lydia: I won’t give you up without a fight, Scarlett! I will hire a lawyer! And you know that mothers are a lot more likely to win in such cases! Do you really want to do that to your father?
Scarlett: And I’m sure that they will be looking for Mrs. Simmons’ opinion in court too. She is my psychiatrist after all. And you know how much her opinion will matter. It’s weird, if you only tried this hard to listen to me and actually be a good mum as you are trying to look as a perfect mother in front of your future husband and your guests, who knows, maybe I would never have to deal with bulimia!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Guns ‘n’ Roses – Patience

sh_s1e836 sh_s1e837Michael: Scarlett, wait up!
Scarlett: Hey… Michael… Listen, I’m sorry about that night, but I’m really not feeling like I can talk about all of this with you now. But I do want to talk with you about everything, just please, not now…
Michael: Yeah, I understand, Scarlett. And I’m really sorry too.

sh_s1e838Michael: Oh, and Scarlett… I’m really proud of you! And I’m glad to see that the old you is back.
Scarlett: Thank you, Mikey. I’ll call you in a day or two and we can talk then, fine?
Michael: Yeah, fine. I’ll be waiting for your call.
Scarlett: Try fixing things with Sam until then! She misses you!

sh_s1e848Sam: What? Married? So soon?
Matthew: It really doesn’t surprise me, girls. I mean, I don’t want to talk bad about your mother, Scarlett, but we’ve had a lot of problems because of who she’s become.
Scarlett: I’m just hoping she really doesn’t decide to fight you on court…

sh_s1e847Matthew: Let her try! *laughs* She might have Maxwell’s legal team on his side but I am a lawyer too. And a motivated lawyer fighting for his daughter is a lot better than a nicely paid lawyer fighting for his reputation. Besides, you told her the truth. Mrs. Simmons would never allow you to be taken away as you’re still quite fragile. And I don’t mean it like that honey, I know you’re strong and that you’re a fighter…
Scarlett: I know what you mean, dad, don’t worry. *laughs*
Sam: She’s definitely a lot stronger than I thought just a few days ago.
Matthew: I’m so happy to see you girls getting along so nicely. Finally.

sh_s1e849Sam: Oh, wow, it’s 9 already? I almost forgot, I need to get dressed and go help Chris move into his new apartment tonight. Can I please be excused?
Matthew: Of course, Sam! Do you guys need any help?
Sam: No, he managed to get most of the stuff by himself, I’m just going to help him out with a little bit of decorating. *laughs*
Matthew: Well, have fun! And don’t be out too late!
Sam: I’ll be back soon, don’t worry!

sh_s1e841Lydia: This went horribly. I’m so sorry, Maxwell. I never thought my own daughter would make such a scene.
Maxwell: It’s okay, Lydia. Don’t worry. And we will be taking this to court, right?
Lydia: You heard her… That psychiatrist would ruin any chance I had.

sh_s1e842Maxwell: Oh, trust me beautiful, if my lady wants something, she gets it. Just say the words and I’ll make sure you get your daughter back. I am Maxwell Donovan, after all.
Lydia: Yes, I want my daughter by my side. Wait, who’s that?
Maxwell: What?

sh_s1e843Officer: Good night, sir. We have a reason to believe that your son stole a phone from one girl at school today. Is he home?
Maxwell: What is this? Do you have a warrant?
Officer: Not yet, but we can get it very easily. It can all be done a lot faster if we could just ask your son a few questions, though…
Maxwell: I am Maxwell Donovan, you are here, without a warrant, interrupting a private event and accusing my son of stealing a phone? A damn phone? My son is an heir to literally millions. Are you kidding me?

sh_s1e844Dylan: What’s up?
Officer: Are you Dylan Donovan?
Dylan: Yeah…
Maxwell: Shut up, son. They are just leaving!
Officer: Son, did you, or did you not steal a phone at school today?
Dylan: I…

sh_s1e845Maxwell: Dylan, shut your mouth!
Dylan: I did. I mean, it’s right here, I don’t want it, you can take it. I just had to erase something from it.
Maxwell: Dylan, seriously? How hard it is for you to keep your god damn mouth shut when I tell you to do so?!
Officer: Please, come with us, son.

sh_s1e846Dylan: You can’t be serious? You’re taking me to a station because of a phone? It wasn’t even the newest model. That’s hilarious!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape

sh_s1e851 sh_s1e852Chris: Do you like it?
Sam: Now that I’ve added a few tasteful touches here and there, yeah… It’s perfect! I’m so proud of you, Chris!
Chris: Why, thank you! *laughs* And thanks for helping me out, Sam. It really means a lot. You’re one of the few people I can count on.
Sam: *laughs* Yeah, you mean, you can count on me and Dylan! *laughs*
Chris: I still can’t believe he did what he did. He helped me out so much with getting me this apartment and what he did today for us and Scarlett too… I told you he’s not a bad guy. He’s a douche at times, but he’s a likable douche.

sh_s1e853Sam: So, what else do you need to do?
Chris: For emancipation? Well, besides getting my own place to live and staying in school, I also have to prove financial self-sufficiency. That’s the hardest part. I am getting a few extra shifts at the caffé and I’m also working on some freelance stuff I found online. I just hope it will be enough.
Sam: I’m here for you. And Matthew offered to help you out with any legal problems. For free, of course. So…

sh_s1e855Chris: Wait, someone’s calling me.

sh_s1e856Chris: What? In jail?

sh_s1e858Sam: Who’s in jail?
Chris: This was Dylan… Apparently, they took him to the police station because he stole Hannah’s phone today. Maxwell managed to get him out without a problem, since the phone was given back to Hannah and she won’t be pressing charges but… Maxwell is sending him to military school?!
Sam: For what? That?!

sh_s1e859Chris: Let’s just get there and talk to him before he leaves…
Sam: He’s leaving tonight?
Chris: Maxwell already prepared the plane. This is unbelievable!

sh_s1e860Stranger: Hi, Sam.

sh_s1e861Sam: Oh, my… What are you doing here?
Chris: Who’s this?
Sam: It’s…

sh_s1e862Stranger: I’m her boyfriend. David.


  • Josiah Stuart

    What the?!? Those conniving b*tches from the previous episodes are idiots! Also, how in the heck did Sam’s boyfriend get to Sunset Hills? Also, now that this has ended; I am excited for BB2!

    • Hahahaha! Love your comment, Josiah! Just the reaction I wanted haha! 😀
      Yup, a lot was turned upside-down in the last episode of the season! 😉 Enemies became friends, friends became enemies, some characters left (or did they) and some new ones are introduced haha! 😀 I’m really glad you’ve followed the series and I can’t wait to start with BB2 again! 😀 Just one more exam tomorrow and I should be done with college stuff for a while then! 😀

  • Ben

    What a good series!! I would love to see a series 2 to find out what happens with al the cliff hangers! Can’t wait now for BB2 #teamdane

    • Hahaha, thank you so much, Ben! There are a few of those, aren’t there! 😛 But I had to put them in to keep things exciting for a very possible season two. Even though that’s definitely not a priority now, especially not as much as BB2 is! 😉 Just a little bit more and the Premiere will be here, I’m working hard on it! 😀 Thanks once again for commenting, I’m really glad you’ve liked the episode/season! 😀

  • spencer tenesen

    Wow! Just as I expected……Well not really, but I was sure it will be epic. It’s great to see Sam and Scarlett getting along well. I know Lydia would turn out to be a dirty gold digger, and she even tried to mold her own daughter into that image! I’d really like to see Scarlett and Michael start a relationship because well they’re made for each other! I feel David will a problem for Sam. Great season, already hyped for season 2, and more hyped for BB2.

    P.S: good luck with your exams. I know school work can be very annoying sometimes, I mean I already have a lot of things to study and it’s only day 4! Anyway keep up the great work!

    • Epic? Wow!!! :3 Thank you so, so much for that compliment! 😀 Opinion on Scarlett has definitely changed throughout the season, didn’t it? :)))
      Awww, I’m so happy to hear that you’d like to see them together. It’s nice to see you wanting some characters to be together while hating on others haha (Lydia). And David… oh, I won’t reveal anything about him! 😛 😛
      Thanks Spencer, I’m really happy about how this season turned out to be and I’m extremely happy about all of the feedback you’ve left me, as I’m sure you’re already aware haha, but I have to say thanks once again! ☺

      And thanks about that too, one more left for tomorrow and I should be done! 😀 Can’t believe it’s finally over hahah! 😀 A lot of sleepless nights are behind me! 😛 Already? Damn, then I send some luck back to you, you’re in need of it too, obviously! 😀

      • spencer tenesen

        Some Opinions changed and some didn’t, and Hannah hate still remains. Thank you so much I’m sure I’d need that, and I’m really happy that you’re done congrats.☺?

      • Molly

        Omg, I love this show because I’m like, a vive tan of gossip girl!!!
        Can’t wait to see next season!!!!!
        I would love that you dress up Scarlett a bit more like Blair Waldorf, I just love her style!!!

  • Sam James

    I’m not sure what to make of this episode, if I’m honest. I’m glad Scarlett and Sam are getting along now and I enjoyed seeing Scarlett standing up to Lydia, but I feel less enthusiastic about the other stuff that went down. Dylan being sent to military school and Sam’s ex-boyfriend turning up seemed a bit rushed and I didn’t really know what to make of it all. Also, Maxwell’s dialogue is a bit ridiculous in places.

    With that being said, this series has been awesome and I’ve enjoyed it! 🙂 Looking forward to whenever season two comes around!

    • I wanted to wrap some things up which were supposed to stay in season one and also open it up for a new season and end it with a “few” cliffhangers (what happens to Dylan, what happens to Sam and Michael’s friendship and what does David want…) but maybe I went a little overboard with it? That was definitely the feedback I needed since it’s something I can use to improve the next season, so thank you massively for an honest comment, Sam! ^^ ☺
      I’m really happy about all the feedback I got, you know I respect your opinion a lot since you’re doing similar things too! :)))